Seebold Heads to Final USF1 Race Tied for the Championship

Monday // Aug 01, 2016

“I was wide-eyed, didn’t know what to expect and the adrenaline was pumping. I was in shock and everything felt crazy, like I couldn’t control my emotions,” said Tim Seebold, reflecting on the thrill of the first time he raced a formula one tunnel boat. “That’s one of the huge differences, after all these years, you know how to control your emotions now and how to make them work for you.”

Seebold announced earlier this year that he will be retiring following the 2016 season after spending 44 years in the cockpit. The upcoming EQT Three Rivers Regatta in Pittsburgh will be his final race in the USF1 series that both Tim and his family have dominated across a 76 year span. He’s been driving the number 16 NGK Spark Plugs boat for the past four seasons.

“Tim has been an excellent advocate of the NGK Spark Plugs brand during his racing tenure, representing a true dedication and passion for powerboat racing,” said Mark Sprague, general manager of marketing at NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc. “We wish him the best heading into this pivotal weekend, with pride and support as the title sponsor of his Last Lap retirement season.”

“We’re looking forward to it, Pittsburgh is a rough water race and Tim’s always performed well in these,” said former driver Bill Seebold, Tim’s father and team manager. “It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing this is it. This is the last time we’ll see a Seebold out there in a boat.”

Tim Seebold on the podium at the Maple City Grand Prix in La Porte, Ind. after taking first place Tim won the first USF1 race of the season in La Porte, Ind. in May and finished third in both Bay City, Mich. and Valleyfield, Que., leaving him with 307 points on the season. He’s tied with longtime driver Terry Rinker heading into the final USF1 race of the season.

“The Seebold’s have always liked the challenge to go and have to earn it in the last race,” said Bill. “We’re hopeful it’ll be a repeat from last year in Seattle [Seafair] where Timmy came out on top.” “It’s stressful for the last race,” said Tim. “But that speaks to the nature of this sport, to be heading into the final race tied up. It’s just as competitive now as it was 20 years ago. Our focus will be on the final race, so no matter what we’ve done up until now this season, this is where it counts.”

Pittsburgh has a long-standing history with the USF1 powerboat series, with the first ever USF1 race being held here in 1982. The 1.25 mile course runs along the Allegheny River, under the Roberto Clemente Bridge making it the only inland regatta in the United States. “It’s extremely rough, you run under one of the bridges and it’s an exciting course,” says Tim. “With seawalls on both sides, we’ll see a lot of action on the river.”

“Having Tim tied going into the championship is exciting because it’s the very first site in the US to host a formula one race, so it’s ironic,” said Jose Mendana, Jr., president of the USF1 Powerboat Tour. “We’re looking forward to a great weekend of racing in Pittsburgh.” The USF1 Championship race will begin at 5:30 p.m. EST this upcoming Sunday, August 7 in downtown Pittsburgh. The race will be broadcast live so get the link and all the behind the scenes race action on Facebook through the Seebold Sports fan page.

Along with NGK Spark plugs as this final tour’s primary sponsorship, Tim has several secondary sponsors that he has work with throughout his long career including the following: 
CDI Electronics 
Seaway Marine 
SHORAI Batteries 
Weldon Fuel Pumps 
Pro DeZigns Graphics 
C & M Concrete


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F1 Points

53 Greg Foster 196.00
10 Terry Rinker 185.00
69 Jimmie Merleau 166.00
21 Jose Mendana Jr 137.00
26 Steve Lee 114.00
80 Brent Dillard 98.00
91 David Johnigan 92.00
38 Jeff Shepherd 88.00
59 Tyler Welch 77.00
47 Jim Robb Sr 72.00
79 Jeff Wagner 71.00
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95 Mark Welch 61.00
20 Ashton Rinker 41.00
27 Carlos Mendana 29.00
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18 Jason Nelson 275.00
21 Jose Mendana Jr 249.00
31 Jimmy Robb 195.00
26 Steve Lee 191.00
93 RJ West 172.00
65 Ruben Ascencio 148.00
24 Spencer Love 136.00
58 Chris Hagerl 133.00
04 Amanda Hagerl 131.00
77 Daniel Trosen 129.00
94 Paul Trolian 129.00
18 Jared Wallach 111.00
66 Steve Merleau 95.00
06 Mark Schmerbauch 89.00
2 Colin Cross 68.00
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