Starting with the construction of a boat model is not as difficult as it seems. You have probably already built several kits models, so you already have many of the skills required for construction from scratch. The only additional skills needed are the interpretation of the plans, the selection of materials to be used in the construction process, and the development of the construction method.

Construction Model Of A Ship

Above the manual skills necessary to build a model from scratch there are three more factors: time, patience, and ingenuity. It takes much more time to make a model from scratch, so you ought to be set up to dedicate no less than 500 hours to a venture to make it, or probably much more. Patience is an absolute necessity, and it is possible that you build objects that are not entirely satisfied and decide to discard them and do them again. Ingenuity is an advantage since you always need to use new, sometimes extravagant, materials or methods. Therefore, an open and creative process will be your most important asset.

Check out this example of composite fabrication.

In the construction of a kit, there are no plans to interpret; there are no materials to buy, the manufacturer gives diagrams that show how to fit the parts supplied. The construction method is also provided by the manufacturer in the form of written and pictorial instructions. You have to follow all the step-by-step instructions to finish the model.

In construction from scratch, on the contrary, you have full control of the entire project. You make decisions as to which wood or any other material will be used for a particular part of the ship. You control what you are going to build afterward and how to make it, you are the master and commander of all aspects of the construction process since you put the keel to the construction of an entire case.

The construction of a sailboat model is an enriching experience. It’s a great adventure – a great love story if you will. It may take a year or more to achieve it, but he built it

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